The 'Nobel Laureate Professor Brian Schmidt'


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Etienne Guyot over 690481/525600 years ago.

So the picture gives a clue about geometry and more to angular measurement... Half a circle, so Pi radians, or Pi times 57.296 degree. Focusing on radian: 57.296 deg times 60 = 3437.76 min. Time 60 again gives 3437.76 * 60 = 206265 sec (rounded)
So I believe it's the number of arc second in a radian. And it's well related to distance measurement in astronomy by the definition of the parsec: distance from which the Earth mean orbit radius is seen as one arcsecond.

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HeathFam almost 519337/131400 years ago.

i'm doing a ANU course with dad about cosmology and he is in the videos.

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