Kevin Vinsen - ICRAR

Research A/Professor Kevin Vinsen is a research scientist at ICRAR. His research specialities are Artifical Intelligence, Machine Learning, High Perfomance Computing, and Galaxy Morphology. Kevin spent many years in industry working on large computer systems. In 2011 he joined ICRAR to work as part of the Data Intensive Research Team.

He is also part of the team working on the problems surrounding the design of the SKA Science Data Pipeline. How to move and store the multiple 100+ TB files the SKA will produce.

David Thilker - JHU

Dr. David Thilker is a research scientist in the Center for Astrophysical Sciences at The Johns Hopkins University.  His research specialty is galaxy structure and evolution, with an emphasis on star formation and gas in nearby galaxies.  Dr. Thilker is an expert in radio, ultraviolet, and optical extragalactic astronomy, frequently using a variety of space telescopes.  He was educated at the University of Missouri - Rolla and New Mexico State University.  He obtained his Ph.D. in 1999 from New Mexico State University.  Afterward Dr. Thilker was awarded a Jansky post-doctoral fellowship from the National Radio Astronomy Observatory.  He worked during this time period at the Very Large Array radio telescope, operated out of Socorro, NM.   In 2002, Dr. Thilker joined the staff at Johns Hopkins in order to join the science team of NASA's up-and-coming GALEX space telescope.  After many productive years focused on the ultraviolet imaging survey data from GALEX, he switched projects to co-lead the Galaxy Properties key project of the Pan-STARRS1 science consortium (a position he still holds).  The PS1 all-sky optical survey mission is the foundation for theSkyNet POGS distributed-computing effort, though it also incorporates space-based imaging in the ultraviolet and infrared.   Thilker's most significant discoveries include the population of high-velocity clouds associated with the Andromeda Galaxy, a gaseous bridge linking M31 and M33, and the newly-recognized class of extended ultraviolet disk galaxies.

Daniel Carrion - Volunteer 

I am trained as an IT Systems Administrator and currently studying Computer Science at RMIT. As the years progress, I find myself getting more involved in software development aspects of the industry. When I was offered the opportunity to carry out volunteer development and test work for theSkyNet POGS, I did not hesitate to accept. It has been very rewarding to learn and take on new challenges whilst being part of a great community science project. You can find me involved in various aspects of the project from coding specific components to answering your questions on the forum.

Although most of my spare time is spent playing with computers, I have been known to enjoy a good day of fishing in my hometown of Melbourne.