TheSkyNet volunteer developer Daniel Carrion, from RMIT in Melbourne, has created a plugin for free astronomy software Stellarium to show you where your theSkyNet POGS galaxies are in the sky!

theSkyNet POGS Plugin for Stellarium

To install the plugin you'll need:

Please note that the plugin has been designed to work with version 0.12.2 of Stellarium and is currently not supported by more recent versions of the software. We hope to be able to solve this in the future!

  1. Once you've downloaded both files, install Stellarium following your usual procedure to install an application.
  2. Then, install theSkyNet POGS plugin, again following your usual procedure to install an application.
  3. Open Stellarium.
  4. On a Mac, theSkyNet POGS plugin should be ready for you to configure. On a PC you may have to enable to plugin under the configuration menu (mouseover the left of the screen and click on the spanner icon to bring up the configure menu, then choose the 'Plugins' tab and click on POGS. Make sure the 'Load at startup' box is ticked (see screenshot), click 'configure' and then restart Stellarium.)  theSkyNet POGS configuration menu
  5. Once the POGS plugin is available, mouse over the bottom of the screen to bring up the tools menu and click on the POGS symbol (see purple highlight in screenshot) POGS plugin in the Stellarium toolbar
  6. A window will pop up with sections to input your theSkyNet POGS ID.
  7. You can find this ID on your dashboard (see screenshot)

    Location of theSkyNet POGS user ID on your dashboard.
  8. Enter this number into theSkyNet POGS dialogue box where it asks for your BOINC ID, then click save settings.
    theSkyNet POGS Plugin settings window
  9. You should now see your POGS galaxies displayed in the sky. You can click on each galaxy and it will display the galaxy's image, with the overlay showing where in the image your computer processed. A loading image will appear (theSkyNet's logo with 'loading' underneath it) as the image of the galaxy is retrieved from theSkyNet's servers. theSkyNet POGS plugin operating in Stellarium

Enjoy finding all your theSkyNet POGS galaxies in the sky!

How-to video from Daniel himself, showing hot to install and configure theSkyNet POGS Stellarium Plugin:

Linux Installer Extra Information

  • Daniel has tested the Linux plugin on Fedora 19 and Ubuntu 12.04.
  • There's a README.txt file containing some useful info for users, including how to install, it's included in the zip file plugin download.
  • The main installer is just the script file "". It will detect architecture version and install the appropriate library files in their home directory. Advanced users can grab the actual library file in the "resources" folder and drop the library files themselves (as per README.txt).
  • In terms of Stellarium installation, users have the choice of having a go at compiling necessary Stellarium version or trying one of the prepackaged versions that are mentioned in the README.

Any questions, please feel free to get in touch.