In this video Dr David Thilker explains the science we are trying to achieve with theSkyNet POGS.

We are combining the spectral coverage of GALEX, Pan-STARRS1, SDSS, and WISE to generate a multi-wavelength UV-optical-NIR galaxy atlas for the nearby Universe. We are measuring physical parameters (such as local stellar mass surface density, star formation rate surface density, dust attenuation, and first-order star formation history) on a resolved pixel-by-pixel basis using spectral energy distribution fitting techniques in a distributed computing mode. 

The power of multi-wavelength data for understanding the substructure of nearby galaxies has only just begun to be exploited systematically.

The acronym POGS is a reference to a game played with discs, that originated on Maui, Hawaii, in the 1920s; and the fact that the Pan-STARRS PS1 telescope, is situated on Mount Haleakala, Maui.