Apologies for the pause in processing on theSkyNet POGS everyone!

You caught up with our queue of galaxies and we have had a delay in our pre-processing pipeline which has meant we can't upload more fast enough.

We are working to get some more galaxies ASAP, but don't know an exact ETA for you at this point.

We'll update you all via a news item when we have more galaxies in the queue.

Once again our apologies for the pause - there are definitely more galaxies to process (tens of thousands) so we'll be back soon.

Thanks for your patience,
TheSkyNet Team

Published on 2015-03-31 01:33:29 UTC


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Eckley (Staff) about 87989/29200 years ago.

Have we ever mentioned how much we dislike computers?
Anyway, after running into a plethora of issues we have a test server up and running at that is almost ticking all the boxes. Once we are satisfied that everything is running according to plan we will move everything back to the main server and start processing again.

Again apologies for the delay.

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Joe 'Joe90' Dempsey about 44007/14600 years ago.

That was three weeks ago, can we have another update please?


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CR62 about 175977/58400 years ago.

@(Joe 'Joe90' Dempsey)
I'm waiting too, in the meantime I spend some cores on the "pogsbeta". I hope this will help them to fix POGS a bit faster.

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Joe 'Joe90' Dempsey about 87917/29200 years ago.

Hey CR62 , how do I get some PogsBeta??? I went to the website but it seems like it is only reinstalling the same software.

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Markus 'mdo' Dolensky about 1582381/525600 years ago.

When reaching the project selection page in the 'add project' dialog of the Boinc manager specify the project url and press next.

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